Acid & Techno
Old Skool

Dale RichieDale Richie first real interest in music began in the late 80’s to which he was the bass guitarist in a band called The Groove Tubes which a popular following in the Yorkshire market town and played in numerous pubs & clubs in the area.

Secretly though he was more drawn to the electronic style of music that started to emerge during the 70’s & 80’s.  After moving to London in the summer of 91 he met a guy from Liverpool who introduced him to old skool house & breakbeat and thus spent many a weekend experiencing the underground dance scene in and around London

It wasn’t long before the bass guitar was replaced a pair of Technics 1210s MkII a whole pile of vinyl from the early era of EDM.  His vinyl collection grew from late 80’s house music and early 90’s breakbeat but when the latter began to dwindle and the birth of DnB began he jumped ship into techno & trance.

He first started playing alongside the Do-It crowd but when they dispersed he soon found another group of like minded people and together they formed the Chimaera Sound System.

From the mid 90’s he’s began to play mainly acid and uplifting trance which then became his signature style for many years to come. 

For the next 10 years they put on outdoor parties during the summer from forest parties in North London, mountain tops in Wales, castles in Luxemberg and festivals like the eclipse & cannabis festivals in and around London,   Their signature event was the summer solstice forest parties held every year in Trent Park near Oakwood which simply grew bigger and better as each year went by.  During the winter months they headed indoors and continued to put on parties in and around London. 

As the years went by his tastes continued to grow and expand adding psy trance to his list of favorite genres along with many forms of house music where today you can expect him to play all sorts of genre’s.

In 2004 he emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand where he’s played several times on Twisted Radio including numerous clubs, bars, festivals and private parties. 

For his crust he’s a freelance photographer & videographer plus a web developer.